Sources, Beamlines and Topics

We are performing experiments mainly at the European Synchrotron (ESRF) in Grenoble (FRA) and at PETRA III in Hamburg (GER). Within the last five years, we have used the beamlines ID13, ID11 and ID16A at ESRF, as well as  P03, P06 and P05 at PETRA III, within standard, commercial and long-term scientific projects. The main focus is on X-ray nanobeam diffraction characterization of gradient materials with beams diameter down to approx. 20 nm, as well as on high-energy and/or in-situ characterization of bulk materials. Residual stress characterization represents one of the most relevant topics.

Cross-Sectional X-ray nanodiffraction (CSnanoXRD) technique

  • scanning characterization of gradients of microstructure, phases and residual stresses at cross-sections of thin films, coatings and near-surface regions.
  • in-situ characterization of thins films using CSnanoXRD during indentation and bending of cantilevers and µ-bridges
  • in-situ high temperature characterization of electronic and phase-change materials using X-ray nano-beams
  • experiments have been performed at beamlines ID13, ID11 and ID16B (ESRF) and P03 (PETRA III)

CSnanoXRD animation

In-situ High-Temperature High-Energy Grazing Incidence Transmission X-ray Diffraction (HT-HE-GIT-XRD)

  • fast in-situ characterization of residual stress, phase and microstructural changes in thin films and substrates during thermal cycling
  • live characterization of phase transformations in the temperature range of 25-1400 °C
  • the experiments are performed at the high-energy materials science beamline (HEMS), P07, at PETRA III in Hamburg